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Practice Schedule

Schedule Reminders
  • March 17 Saturday: Millbrook 7:00 to 8:30. Pullen closed for Special Olympics Multi-State Meet RAM volunteers needed.
  • April 14-15 Saturday/Sunday: USMS NC Masters SCY Championship Meet at TAC in Cary. RAM volunteers needed.

Morning Workouts
SaturdayMarch177:00am Millbrook
SundayMarch188:00am Millbrook
MondayMarch195:30am Pullen
WednesdayMarch215:30am Pullen
FridayMarch235:30am Pullen
SaturdayMarch248:00am Pullen
SundayMarch258:00am Millbrook
Afternoon Workouts
MondayMarch1912:00pm Optimist
WednesdayMarch2112:00pm Optimist
FridayMarch2312:00pm Optimist
Evening Workouts
TuesdayMarch206:45pm Pullen
ThursdayMarch226:45pm Pullen

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